According to the social learning theory, how do child learn to associate gender schemas? Why is this not a very good way of looking at gender roles and development?

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Mar 15, 2017


  1. By watching others
  2. Ignores nature


  1. Social learning theory states that we learn by watching others. So children by watching others around them e.g. their parent and other on TV. A good study to back this up is Bandura (1961) and his experiment with a bobo doll. Here is a good link:
    Children create schema's with the gender stereotypes e.g. all girls have long hair and begin to act in a similar way or think that is how they must behave.

  2. Social learning theory pretty much entirely ignores biology e.g. hormones and the role that they play in behavior. There are many twin studies which show the importance of biology in behavior.