After we have decided that a certain event is a stressor, how do we will deal with it and what resources are available for coping with the stressor?

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Mar 19, 2016

Support groups or a close friend(s) to share the concern (stress) with are usually the most effective in reducing the impact of a stressor. Coping mechanisms and actions can also be applied specifically.


Stressors, whether absolute (apply equally in all populations) or relative (unique to the individual), cause the release of stress hormones. NOT all “stress” is counter-productive! Many people perform much better, whether at play (sports, art) or work (presentations, projects) when they have some stress associated with the activity. Recognizing helpful vs. harmful stressors or levels of stress is one way to take advantage of the benefits without being overcome by the negative effects of excessive stress.

Stress is highly personal because we have to interpret a situation as stressful. Although what stresses you is surely different from what stresses others. Often, ways can be found to reduce or eliminate the source of a stress once it has been identified. Different actions or habits may prevent a negative stress reaction. Sharing your stress anxiety with a friend or mentor may diffuse much of the negative effect, or even help you to find different coping mechanisms.

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