An element that has a low first ionization energy and good conductivity of heat and electricity. What is this element classified as?

1 Answer
Mar 5, 2017

It's a metal.


Metals are elements that have low electronegativity, so that they can lose electrons with some facility to give positive ions.

At the same time, in the pure state, they are linked together by metallic bonds. This type of bond is characterized by allowing the movement of valence electrons from one atom to the next with very little energy barrier. This facilitates electrical conductivity, since the electrons can travel great distances through the metallic network with very little energy consumed.

Metals are also good conductors of heat because the ease of movement of the valence electrons from one atom to another not only favors the conduction of electricity but also allows transmission of heat energy from one point to another with ease. The thermal conductivity is linked to the electrical conductivity according to the law of Wiedemann-Franz, so that both quantities are proportional to each other (Wiedemann-Franz Law ).