Any reasonable theory for creation of dark matter to creation of big bang and also write the relation between dark matter and dark energy???

Use laws of physics (any law) . Only write theories apart from theories that are created by other theorists

1 Answer
Sep 19, 2017

There is no theory about the creation of dark matter and dark energy because we don't know what they are.


We do know that protons and electrons which make up matter were created in the big bank. We also know that large numbers of photons were created which have now cooled to become the microwave background radiation.

Current theories of gravity can't explain the way stars move within galaxies. There simply isn't enough matter to generate the required gravity.

Dark matter has become a theory to explain the missing mass. It is material which only interacts with gravity and is not visible. The problem is that we don't know what dark matter is. Most theories require new particles which haven't yet been discovered.

So, as we don't know what dark matter is, or if it even exists, we don't know how and when it was created.

Dark energy is a theory which explains the expansion of the universe. Again we have no idea of what it is, whether it exists, or where it came from.

So, there are no laws of physics, except for gravitation in the case of dark matter, which can be applied. There is no known relation between dark matter and dark energy.