Any thoughts on what is happening here?

This question keeps reappearing (together with Shwetank's comment that it is unsolvable. If it weren't for the inclusion of Shwetank's comment I would assume that the question is simply being re-posted, but I don't think that can be the case here. I've filled in the Answer/Explanation area but when it reappears these are missing:

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Oct 8, 2016

The way I see it...


... this is just a case of a question that has been posted multiple times by the student, either intentional or not.

I see this happen all the time -- students will often post the same question multiple times in order to increase the chances of getting an answer.

There have been cases where the same question got posted multiple times by accident. You'll also see this happen with answers, i.e. a question would have two or more identical answers posted by the same contributor.

So, in this case, Yosief must have simply posted the same question three times, as you can see on his profile page under Asked

enter image source here

This happened 4 days ago. Shwetank must have seen all #3# copies of the question and added the same comment to each one. You can tell that the comments were not duplicated somehow because one of them has a 'like' from Ricardo A

enter image source here

but the other two do not.

The questions then remained unanswered for one day until you posted answers to #2# of the #3# copies

Another day went by and David Dryer posted his answer on this copy

Finally, Tony B added his answer on the above copy yesterday.

Mind you, the two copies that you answered got bumped that same day, i.e. 3 days ago, but the third one got bumped a day later, i.e. 2 days ago, which is why you saw it "resurface" on the main page.