Approximately how long does it take light to travel from Earth to Pluto?

1 Answer
Apr 9, 2018

The time that the light would take to reach Pluto's surface will be 5.5 hours .


The speed of light per second is approximately 186,000 miles and the distance of Pluto from the sun is 3.67 billion miles.

If we divide the m/ps of the light from the distance of Pluto to the Sun, the answer will be the time the light will reach Pluto.

So, if my calculation is correct, the answer will be 19731.18 . That will be the seconds, and divide it by 60, it will be 328.85 , and that is the minutes. and if we divide it in 60, again, it will be 5.48 . that will be the hours.

Next we will round of 5.48 hours. The final answer will be 5.5 hours.