Are there any similarities between male and female reproductive organs? Is it true that male has a female reproductive organ?

1 Answer
Jan 11, 2016

Yes both sexes start off as female


Male reproductive system develops from wolfian duct while the female develops from mullerian duct. During the early fetal life, both sexes (genetical) have both of these ducts (thereby having the potential to become either sex regardless of their genotype).

It is a special gene in the Y chromosome (called SRY or Sex Determining region of Y) that eventually degenerates the mullerian duct and starts the maturation of male reproductive organ. In absence of this special gene, female reprocutive system continues to develop. Since the SRY gene is not activated for the first 5-6 weeks of the embryonic life, both sexes first start off as female.

After activation of SRY gene, the ovaries descend to become the testes and labia fuses to become the scrotum. If the SRY gene is not activated in any male then female characteristics will prevail throughout his life.