At what rate is the universe expanding?

1 Answer
Apr 27, 2017

The present rate of expansion is approximately 67 kilometer per second.


Using the calculations of Hubble's constant the present rate of expansion is approximately 67 kilometer/ sec.

However evidence found in 1998 indicates that rate of the expansion of the universe is increasing.

The Hypothesis was that rate of expansion should be slowing down allowing for the dark matter of the universe and formation of black holes to draw all the matter of the universe back together. This theory that the universe recycled between Big Bangs and Big Crushes was consistent with the philosophy of material realism and widely accepted in scientific circles.

The evidence of an increasing rate of expansion indicates that instead of recycling the present universe will experience a heat death where no useable matter or energy still exist. This empirical evidence is creating a problem for the philosophy of material realism.

The present rate of expansion is 67 kilometers/sec but expect that rate to increase.