Briefly explain about m-rna,t-rna,r-rna in protein synthesis?

1 Answer
Sep 20, 2017

The RNA contains the information necessary to synthesis proteins
M carries the message T attaches to the amino acids R like a zipper ties the amino acids together in the correct order.


m RNA is a single strand copy of the information found in the DNA.
The m RNA carries the information out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm where the information will be used to synthesis proteins.

t RNA as an enzyme that attracts and binds to a specific amino acid. on the other side the t RNA has a code that corresponds to the code on the m RNA. t translates RNA code to amino acid code.

The r RNA is like a zipper it puts together the code on the m RNA with the code on the T RNA. Then the r RNA causes the amino acids attached to the t RNA to bind together in a chain.

A chain of connected amino acids is a protein. So the protein is formed as the r RNA connects the amino acids brought by the t RNA to match with the information carried by the messenger m RNA