Can someone come up with a good counterargument for this claim? Please back it up.

Wealthy men and women , especially celebrities, may find it easier to avoid jail after committing a crime than the average man or woman would.

1 Answer
May 1, 2018

The fame of wealthy people and celebrities may make it harder for a District Attorney or prosecutor to avoid bringing charges.


A common individual is often able to plea bargain to avoid jail after committing a crime. By pleading to a lesser charge the individual may receive community service , probation and fines instead of jail time.

The spotlight created by the fame of the wealthy and celebrities makes doing a quiet plea bargain difficulty or politically impossible for the DA. The DA is often forced by the publicity to bring charges and go to trial.

It may be more difficult for the DA to convict the wealthy and celebrities than a common individual however. The wealthy can employ high powered attorneys and the jury may be more likely to let a well known celebrity off.