Can someone describe 3 human activities that cause the loss of biodiversity?

1 Answer
Jan 21, 2016

The main human activity that affect biodiversity are habitat destruction, foreigner species importation and hunting.


Habitats destructions:
It is the main cause of loss of diversity.
More that the destruction of specie's habitats, the patches that are still viable for species get isolated from one another wich lead to a decreas in genetique exchange ( wich tend to consanguinity).

It decrease the resistance of a meta population ( = a population divided in several smaller population) by decreasing the exhanges between the differents parts. Indeed if two pacth are further away than the dispersal ability of the species within, there won't be any exanges.

You can picture every patch like islands inaccessible from one another.

Invasive species:
Trough Human activities, animals and vegetal species have been introduce to new habitats all over the world. Those species when they manages to survive, they often thrive and exculde native species trough competition or predation.
for instance the Japanese knotweed ( Fallopia japonica ) wich was imported all over the world for gardening is now one of the most problematic species worldwide.

And at last at the third position, hunting had and still have a major impact on animal population. Several very known species get extinc trough hunting like the Great auk (Pinguinus impennis)