Can the quadratic formula be used to solve a linear equation?

1 Answer

The degree of an equation is the highest power of the variable in which the equation is given. A linear equation is of degree 1 , whereas the degree of a quadratic equation is 2. The number of solutions of an equation is equal to the degree of the equation. Also, the number of terms is equal to (degree+1).

Let us consider a quadratic equation a#x^2# + b#x# + c=0
According to the quadratic formula,# x= (- b +- sqrt(b^2 -4ac))/ (2a)#

Now if you wish to use this formula to solve a linear equation, you will not get the term a #x^2# and hence you will not be able to put the value of a in the formula.
Also the quadratic formula gives two values of the variable but a linear equation can have only one solution.
Hence you cannot use the quadratic formula to solve a linear equation.