Can you please Explain the relationship between current in a RC circuit (capacitor with capacitance C and Inductor with Inductance L) in terms of L and C ?

1 Answer
Feb 21, 2018

If there were zero rms volts across the circuit, there will be zero rms amps. So, without knowing how much energy is in the circuit there is no way to solve for current.


If you do know the voltage.

#V(t) = \sqrt{\frac{L}{C}} I(t-\omega^{-1} \pi/2)#

And Rearrange:

#I= (V(t)) / (\sqrt{\frac{L}{C}} (t-\omega^{-1} \pi/2 ))#

So come up with a V, solve for w at the resonant frequency of the circuit, and you will have I.