Chemistry Table: Solubility Guidelines?????

According to the Solubility Guidelines chemistry reference table, which one of the following compounds is soluble in water?

  1. barium phosphate
  2. sodium perchlorate
  3. silver iodide
  4. calcium sulfate

1 Answer
Jul 1, 2018

Well, most perchlorates are soluble...


...and most sodium salts are soluble...and so what is the only goer?

On the other hand, barium phosphate (which is likely #BaHPO_4(s)# in an aqueous medium), and silver iodide are both as soluble as bricks. Silver iodide precipitates from aqueous solution as a yellow solid, which is not quite so curdy (i.e. finely divided) as #AgCl#. Calcium sulfate is moderately insoluble....