Compounds of what nonmetal, the most reactive ofan the elements, are used in nonstick cookware and to prevent toot decay?

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Jun 6, 2018



Teflon, the coating for non-stick cooking items, is polytetrafluoroethylene, i.e. #(-CF_2-CF_2-)_n#. Fluoride is used by dentists to build up and strengthen enamel, i.e. #CaF_2#. It is a fact that many fluorine chemists are missing eyes and fingers due to the EXTREME reactivity and oxidizing power of elemental fluorine.

A solution of fluoride salt in water would be SLIGHTLY alkaline due to the equilibrium...

#NaF(aq) + H_2O(l) rightleftharpoonsNaOH(aq) + HF(aq)#

In the following reaction, what has been oxidized, and what has been reduced?

#1/2O_2(g) + F_2(g) rarr OF_2(g)#