Convert heat of combustion of kerosene jet fuel to kJ/mol kerosene?

The heat of combustion of jet fuel is 44.7 MJ/kg. A Boeing 747 burns 1.50 x 10^5 liters of jet fuel over the course of a 10 hour flight.If the density of jet fuel is 0.790 g/mL,how much heat would be released by the combustion of jet fuel during a 10 hrs?

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Apr 23, 2018

To answer the question, you don't need to jump to kJ/mole. You can, but you've got to look up the molar mass - it is an unnecessary step. See below.


Living in Beijing, I fly 10 hours to California 4 times a year - my carbon footprint isn't getting smaller. Ugh.

Anyway, in those 10 hours, the plane burns #1.50xx10^5#L
Based on the density, that means it is burning:
#(0.790"kg"/L)xx1.50xx10^5L# = 118,500 kg Kerosene

And this fuels kicks out 44.7 million Joules per kilogram.
#44.7xx10^6J/"kg"xx118,500 kg = 5.3xx10^12 J#

5.3 trillion joules.