Could it be true that in order for you to find the counter part or your other half, you need to date more people?

The law of large numbers argues that, when a large enough sample is drawn, the sample value is closer and closer to the true value as the sample size and frequency increases.

1 Answer
Mar 29, 2017

Theoretically speaking, yes. Practically speaking, no.


Theoretically speaking, if you date a person, your chances of meeting your partner is #1/7500000000#. If you date half the world, your chances of meeting your partner would be #1/2#. If you date the whole world, the chances of you meeting your partner would be definite. Your chances of meeting your partner would increase with the number of dates you go.

Practically speaking, that is not possible. If you took 1 second to date a person, you would have to live 237 years. But within 237 years from now, the human population would have increased exponentially. By 2100, it is already projected to reach an astounding 11 billion. Who knows if your partner would only be born after you started your quest to date? Therefore, you would have to date continuously, possible till the end of time. The most important of all, love is unpredictable. Fate is pre-destined and nothing can be changed about it. If you are fated to meet your partner, it would definitely come.