Could you help me identify the verb or verb phrase? I'm not really sure what a verb phrase is.

We take our vacation in July and August.

I marked vacation as the subject. And take as the verb. Is that right or would it be take our that needs to be underlined. If someone could please help me I would greatly appreciate. Thank you.

1 Answer
Apr 16, 2016

Take is the verb phrase in this case, but verb phrases aren't always just verbs.


First of all, vacation is the object, because it is taken, not taking. We is what is actually doing the verb, so we is the subject.

You are right that take is the verb, but verbs are slightly different to verb phrases. Verb phrases can be either the predicate of the sentence, carrying most of the meaning. Here the verb phrase will include the main (lexical) verb and any helping (auxiliary and modal) verbs.

Verb phrases can also function as adjectives or adverbs by giving more information to the sentence, such as as the boy typed...

However, because in this sentence there is only one verb and there are no adjectives/adverbs or phrases that act as such, the verb phrase is simply take.