Could you help me identify whether the verb in this sentence is an action verb, a being verb, or a compound verb? And why?

The missile flew through the air with amazing accuracy.

A. action
B. being
C. compound

1 Answer
Oct 27, 2016

The verb flew is an action verb as it denotes the action of the subject, the missile.


The three broad types of verbs are action verbs, being verbs and compound verbs.

Action verbs denote the state of mental or physical action of the subject, as in the example quoted. Other examples are:

  1. The young bird soared through the air with ease.
  2. She kicked the football straight intot he goal.

Being verbs denote a state of existence are are forms of the infinitive 'to be'. Some examples are:

  1. He was oddly familiar with people on the street.
  2. They are hungry after the long trek.

Compound verbs are phrases that function as verbs, and can include prepositions, phrases, verbs with auxiliaries, and compound words. Some examples are:

  1. She believed in her daughter's ability completely.
  2. The confidential papers were torn up before the police arrived.
  3. They were eating when the earthquake hit their town.
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