Describe the energy conversion used in the following scenarios: A. Natural gas is used to heat water. B. rubbing your hand together on a cold day C. A car (heat) engine D. Your body temperature and the ability to do work E.water runs over a water fall?

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Apr 11, 2017

See the explanation...


A. This looks like chemical potential energy becoming kinetic energy in the molecules of water (or as a simpler answer you might just say heat in the water)

B. This is kinetic energy of your moving hands producing heat through friction.

C. Lots going on with a car engine, but in each case, it is chemical potential energy becoming heat, motion (kinetic energy), electrical energy, sound.

D. This is chemical energy (potential energy) becoming both heat and kinetic energy (plus electrical energy if you include all the messages carried by your nerves).

E. This is gravitational potential energy becoming kinetic energy in the moving water.

Hope that's enough detail!