Do all living things have to have all of the characteristics of life? Can something be considered living if they have a only a few characteristics? Why?

1 Answer
Nov 26, 2015

They have to have all features even if some of them are limited like movement in plants, but they must all exist.


Each feature helps the organism to survive and if one is missing it means this organism is threatened. for example organisms cannot stay with out getting nutrients as they will not be able to repair them selves or produce energy. Respiration cannot stop or no ATP will be generated. Excretion is a must for the waste not to accumulate and toxify the body. for the survival of the species new individuals must be produced, and since they cannot be produced as adults they have to grow. sensing the surrounding is a must to get needs and escape dangers. finally movement is a must for the cell and the organism to get the needs from the surrounding environment and to get rid of the waste, and also for defense.