Do any other planet in our solar system have Iron metal, not necessarily in the core?

1 Answer
Aug 21, 2017

Only the planets in our inner solar system would qualify to contain iron metal, since the outer planets are composed of gases. Of these, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars all have iron content.


Mercury is the closest to an iron planet probably because its silicate mantle was lost to intense collisions, with the remainder now mostly iron. Iron planets are the most dense and are usually the smallest in the solar system.

Now that scientists can get a better look at Venus, they suspect that it also has an iron core similar to Earth, but it may be smaller, since the magnetic field on Venus is much weaker than ours. Venus is similar in size and density to Earth, with a surface temperature capable of melting lead.

Earth has its iron core that protects us from harmful cosmic rays with its different rotational speed resulting in magnetic poles.

Mars also has an iron core, and iron throughout its crust, where oxidation results in the planets characteristic red color. Mars has lost its magnetic poles, and cosmic rays are stripping away its atmosphere

Jupiter, and onward to the edge of the solar system, is a gas planet with no iron core suspected.