Do psychologists distinguish between adding and subtracting something to make behavior less likely? (As they do with positive and negative reinforcements to make behavior more likely.)

1 Answer
Nov 21, 2017

Positive is to give
negative is to take away


  • Positive reinforcement : To give something to encourage a behaviour
    e.g. Allowing a child to have a toy for sharing
  • Negative Reinforcement: To take something unpleasant away to encourage
    a behaviour e.g. not allowing a child to play outside until they
    finish their work
  • Positive Punishment: To give an unpleasant consequence to reduce the likelihood of a behaviour reoccurring e.g. making a child stand
    against the wall for hitting another child
  • Negative Punishment: To take away something pleasant to reduce the probability of a behaviour reoccurring e.g. to take a toy away from a child for not helping clean a classroom