Do transitive active and transitive passive sentences both have a receiver of the action?

1 Answer
Feb 5, 2017

Yes. See examples below.


A transitive verb is a verb which takes an object (=the receiver of the action), so in the active voice sentence the object is the receiver.

A change to passive voice changes the receiver from the object to the subject of the sentence.


Active voice

The boy fed the dog.

In this sentence the boy is the doer (=subject), while the dog is the receiver (=object)

In Passive Voice we can wrte it as:

The dog was fed by the boy.

Here the object of the action - the dog is the subject of the sentence, while the doer is added in a "by" clause. He could also be omitted. Sentence The dog was fed is also correct and does not inform about the doer (It does not say who fed the dog)