Do you agree with nuclear energy? Please provide facts and sources.

1 Answer
Nov 17, 2016

YES!!! Nuclear energy!!!


First of all, I would like to dispel any fears that you may have that nuclear energy is dangerous. The incidents that you hear on the news about the Japanese plant, etc. are not the rule but the exception. Really, accidents like these are extremely rare and could easily have been avoided. Bernard Weinstein said in 2009 "A decade ago, objections from environmentalists were the principal roadblocks to new plant construction. But most of the concerns over safety and waste disposal have been allayed while the environmental lobby now acknowledges that nuclear power generation is environmentally benign." Moreover, the numerous benefits of nuclear energy alone outweigh the practically nonexistent chance of an accident.

Opponents to nuclear energy will often bring up the high costs of nuclear as a reason to avoid it. But in reality, nuclear doesn't cost much more than other forms of energy, such as solar power, and it is far more sustainable than fossil fuels. John Grossenbacher (Laboratory Director of Idaho National Laboratory and President of battelle Energy Alliance, LLC) wrote an article in 2008 discussing this issue. He concluded "The challenges frequently associated with nuclear power--high costs, waste disposal and proliferation risks--can all, from a technological perspective, be managed. The high cost concerns actually have little to do with the fuel used in a nuclear reactor--they're more related to the rising costs of concrete, steel, copper, and project capital on large, lengthy projects like a nuclear power plant. Many of these same cost concerns apply to virtually every means of generating electricity we have." So it is clear that the high costs of nuclear energy aren't exclusive to nuclear energy; they also apply to every other form of energy.

So now onto the benefits of nuclear power. It is more clean and reliable than other forms of energy: "Nuclear power’s track record of providing clean and reliable electricity compares favorably with other energy sources." The rest of that paragraph goes on to point out the inefficiencies of other fuels, including gasoline. Nuclear power production also greatly benefits the economy. "Each year, the average 1,000 megawatt nuclear plant generates approximately $470 million in economic output or value. This includes over $35 million in total labor income."

So in summary, nuclear energy is one of the best, if not the best, form of energy available to us today. Not only is it safe, it is also cleaner, more efficient, and more beneficial to the economy than other energy forms. Nuclear is the future! (ugh, that was really cheesy, but you get my point)