Does a black whole affect light?

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Dec 9, 2016



Inside a black hold, there is no light. Anything that enters a black whole can't escape.

Even solar flares (which give off certain amounts of radiation) can't escape.

A black hole can take stars in and you'll never know they were sucked in. That is because a black hole acts as a vacuum.

Radiation and matter cannot escape a black hole. That means since light can be forms of radiation (such as infrared rays, x-rays, ultraviolet rays, gamma rays and etc) they can't escape.

To be short, anything that get's trapped in the radius of a black hole, will be pulled directly inside in a matter of seconds. The theory of relativity, which was created by Albert Einstein explains more about how how a black hole acts.

Wikipedia isn't the greatest source but I think it will help you a little bit. Here's the link:

Theory of General Relativity (Theory of Relativity)