Does neon combine easily with other elements? Why or why not?

1 Answer
Jan 7, 2017

No, because Neon is in Group 18 on the periodic table.


If you take a look on the periodic table, you will notice that Neon is in Group 18.

Now, if you draw the Lewis dot structure for Neon, you will notice that Neon has 8 valence electrons. This makes Neon very unreactive because it already has a full set of 8 valence electrons.

Aside from Neon, the rest of the elements in Group 18, with the exception of Helium, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, and Radon, all have 8 valence electrons, which makes them all very unreactive.

In chemistry,, we call Group 18 the Noble Gases because they are all extremely unreactive. Seeing that Neon is in the group, it's unreactive as well.