Does socratic have a way to search one's own answers or to search answers by author?

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Sep 26, 2015



To see all the answers you ever wrote on Socratic, go to your profile page.

The default view is set on Activity, which is the firsttab in the list. This shows all your activity on the site, including comments, edits, thank-you notes, likes you gave other answers, and so on.

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Right next to the Activity tab, you have the Answers, Edits, and Asked tabs. These essentially work like filters to get you only the answers you wrote, edits you made, or questions you asked, respectively.

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To see your answers, simply click on the Answers tab.

You can do the same to see any other user's answers. Click on their profile and select the Answers tab.

Unfortunately, this method does not work that weel for users who have hundreds or even thousands of answers. That is, you can actually see all the answers someone wrote on Socratic, but you will have to go waaaay back if you're looking for old answers.

Alternatively, you can try searching for specific questions by using the Search bar that's located in the top-right corner of the site.

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You can search for questions and even users this way. The search results will show both answered and unanswered questions, so this is a great tool to have if you're loooking for something specific.