Does the moon rotate on its axis like planet earth? Why or why not?

2 Answers

Moon rotates on its axis once in 27 days and 8 hours.


Moon also go round the Earth in same 27 days 8 hours.So we see only one face of Moon.This is called tidal locking.

Feb 19, 2016

While showing nearly the same face to the Earth, Moon spins for its day and night. As of now, average Moon's day is 29.530587891 Earth days.


Here, the period between two consecutive Full Moon's transits (or New Moon's transits) of the Earth's heliocentric ( revolving-about-Sun ) longitutudinal plane determines lunar day.
In brief, it is synodic (defined with respect [the Sun]) lunar month, ( line.
Moon spins through 2#pi# radians, with respect to the Sun, during this period.