Does the universe expand faster than the speed of light?

1 Answer
Jun 27, 2016

My inference: As per data and analysis, it is slower..


The reckoned distances of very old stars are all far less than 13.8

billion (B) light years (ly). The age of our universe is estimated as 13.8

B years or more..

In the years to come, if the age of a space body is proved to be

13.8 B years, its distance will be 13.8 B ly and the currently used

methods for estimating age of our universe would increase it to a

higher value.

Anyway, the expansion rate on the average appears

to be less than the speed of light.

Hubble constant = 71 km/s/mega parsec. Its reciprocal, in

compatible units, is the age of our universe, 13.8 B years and this is

not the age of the the oldest star.