Energy is neither created nor destroyed but can be changed from one form to another.Then light energy is transformed to which form?

2 Answers

To chemical, mechanical, thermal, nuclear, etc.


Light is a type of electromagnetic radiation (propagating energy) that can be transformed into, for example, heat or thermal energy, chemical energy (from the Sun to plants) - then, it can also e transfromed into any other energy manifestation type.

Jan 2, 2018

Yes, energy is conserved. Light energy can be converted into other forms in several ways.


the conservation of energy is a fundamental law of the universe.

Light is effectively pure energy. It can be converted into other forms in several ways.

Heat energy is actually a measure of the vibration of particles. Light can impart the energy and momentum to cause materials to vibrate more and hence heat up.

Light can knock electrons out of their orbitals. When the electrons return to their orbital, they emit light of a particular frequency, Effectively changing the frequency. Gamma rays emitted in the Sun's core get absorbed and reemitted as visible light.

Photosynthesis uses light to facilitate chemical reactions and create complex molecules.

light is effectively a key means by which many familiar processes depend.