Gases are sold in large cylinders for laboratory use. What pressure in atmospheres will be exerted by 2500 g of oxygen gas (O2) when stored at 22°C in a 40.0 L cylinder?

1 Answer
Dec 9, 2016

47.3 atm


Assuming near ideal gas behavior where #n = (PV)/(RT)#, with a constant volume, we use the given values with the appropriate gas constant value R to find the pressure.
Rearranging the equation we have #P = (n*R*T)/V #
V = 40.0 L
R = 0.0820575 L-atm/K-mol
T = 22'C = 295'K
n = (2500g/32.0 g/mol) = 78.125 moles of #O_2#.

#P = (78.125*0.0820575*295)/40.0#

P = 47.3atm