Given the following what is the specific heat capacity of ice if the specific heat capactiy of liquid water is 4.2 J/g/degrees C?

Some students did an investigation to determine the specific heat capacity of ice. They did this by heating 100g of water and 100 g of ice in separate beakers simultaneously on the same hot plate. The temperature of water changed from 22 degrees C to 24 degrees C while the temperature of ice changed from -7 degrees C to -3 degrees C.

1 Answer
Sep 2, 2017

2,1 J/(g°C)


for your experiment Qwater = Qice
Qwater =# m cp(water) (T_f-T_i) = 100 g xx4,2 J/(g°C) xx2 °C = 840 J#
Qice =# m cp (T_f-T_i) = 100 g xx cp(ice) J/(g°C) xx 4 °C = 840 J#
from that you obtain cp(ice)# = 840J/(300 g°C)=2,1 J/(g°C) #
the experiment is not very accurate because the temperature variation is too little, you don't calculate the cp of the becher...
the real value is about 2,04 J/(g°C)