How and why does psychosis manifest?

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Psychosis is developmental or Biological in Nature, characterized by thought and emotional impairment, that indicates that a person experiencing them has lost contact with reality.


Psychosis is a product of the disturbance in the development of the brain, This can be caused by substances or pathogens that are exposed to a developing fetus inside the mother's womb. This can also be caused by trauma or bad experiences a child's developing brain are exposed to. Our experiences as a child can mold how our brain develops.

The brain function and structure of a person with Psychosis can be detected via fMRI(Functional magnetic resonance imaging), there are visible differences between a regular person and a person who experience psychosis. There are certain development and underdevelopment of certain parts of the brain, which can be observed to diagnose and differentiate a person, who might have psychosis and a person, who is considered a regular.

Psychosis can manifest as early as 5-7 years old, which is the period, when a child develops abstract reasoning is developing, this is also the time, when social-emotional development is at it's crucial point. By this time basic characteristics of psychosis can be observed. How they interact with other children and how they respond to their environment.