How are DNA chromosomes and genes related?

2 Answers
Oct 26, 2014

Chromosomes are made of DNA and proteins called histones. Genes are segments of DNA that encode the order of amino acids in proteins.

May 17, 2018

DNA chromosomes and genes are very closely related.


Chromosomes are structures within the nucleus of eukaryotic cells that can be observed as distinct entities at a particular stage of a cell's cycle. Usually if a cell is observed without treatment and at a non-specific stage we get to see chromatin.It looks like a tangled skein of fibre.
Chromosomes are composed of DNA and histones.
DNA is the complex biomolecule made up of sugars,phosphorus and nitrogen bases that carries in it the coded information by which amino acids are lined up to form proteins.
Genes are stretches of DNA that make up the different codes for the different proteins.(All of the DNA does not work as code material).
Historically these structures were not discovered in a well ordered or sequential manner.Evidence for DNA being the genetic material came from many discoveries and after a lot of research.