How can a classification scheme aid a scientist?

1 Answer
Mar 4, 2018

It allows for efficient study of organisms.


There are too many organisms in the world that are known and observed. It would be helpful for scientists to classify them into groups, and therefore scientists have the classification system.

An example of a classification system is the Linnaean taxonomy. From biggest to smallest (in order) is the domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species.

The scientific name of an organism is usually denoted by two words. The first word is the genus that the organism belongs to, and the second word is the exact species that it is of the organism.

For example, a dog's scientific name is Canis familiaris, as the dog is in the Canidae family, and it is domestic, so it goes to the familiaris species, which is the Latin word for "common".

Anyways, the main point is for scientists to be able to study organisms efficiently, and organize them into groups based on their cell structure, behavior, habitat, similarity, and more.