How can biodiversity be an indicator of the stability of an ecosystem?

1 Answer
Feb 2, 2016

The more diversified an ecosysem is the more likely it is to be stable due to a repetition of function among organisme.


Picture yourself an ecosysteme with each species having a essential purpose. In that ecosysteme, there is only one species for each purpose.

If a perturbation occure, any environnemental variation that would lead to the disparition of one of the species, the whole ecosysteme migh shattered.

Now picture an ecosysteme with an highter diversity and therefore several species for each purpose. This ecosysteme would be more likely to still have every one of it's essencial purpose fulfilled even if one or two of it's species where to dissapered.

Diversity is an assurance of having a spare keystone species is something goes wrong. That's one way diversity can mean more stable ecosysteme.