How can cell communication be disrupted?

1 Answer
Apr 20, 2015

By blocking the communication chemicals from reaching or effecting the target call.

Calls communicate with each other using small chemicals that act as messengers between them. These messengers are released from certain cells and travel through the blood stream or the are around the cells.

As they arrive to the target cells, they either bind to membrane receptors or pass through the membrane and bind to nuclei receptors. Those receptors will influence the cell to change in accordance to the chemical messenger by triggering a cascade of secondary chemical messengers.

So here is how you can block this communication line. Or in other words, prevent the target cells to change in response to the chemical messengers.

1- Prevent cells from producing the chemical messengers.

2- Block the chemical messengers from traveling to or reaching the target cells.

3- Block the receptors on the target cells or stop their production.

4- Block the secondary messengers cascade that is caused by the receptors.

All of this can be done naturally by the body (feedback inhibition) or by many clinical drugs and medications.

Hope you got all your questions answered.