How can I create a histogram in Excel?

1 Answer
Feb 21, 2015

Create (and select) a column with the value for each bar in your histogram, then use the Excel chart wizard.

enter image source here

Once the data count cells have been selected,
click on the "Chart Wizard" (click "Next" or "Finish" after each step)

Step 1 : Select "Column" from Standard Types

Step 2 : (Data range should already be filled in; verify "Series in Columns")

Step 3 : Modify Titles, Axes, etc. as desired (especially the X-axis)

Step 4 : Place as an object in either the current sheet or select another sheet.

enter image source here

Please note: I am not an Excel expert; if anyone else has a better way to do this I would love to see it; this is just what I've been able to get to work.