How can I do line charts in Excel?

2 Answers
Apr 9, 2015
  1. Select x-data column (Ctrl/Command + Shift + End to fast-select)
  2. Select y-data column (Ctrl/Command to select one cell in addition to the x-column, Ctrl/Command + Shift + End to fast-select)
  3. Insert > Chart > Scatter > Smooth Lined Scatter
Apr 9, 2015

First, watch Mr. Pauller's video on how to use Excel for linear regression.

In a line chart, the horizontal axis is a "category" axis, not a "value" axis. The points are evenly distributed along the axis.

Use a line chart if your horizontal axis uses

  • Text labels or
  • A small set of numerical labels representing evenly spaced intervals

Assume that you want to plot the population of bears over a number of years.

Enter your data into Columns A and B of the Excel spreadsheet.

Assume that your data are:

enter image source here

If you have numeric labels, as here, leave cell A1 empty. This ensures that Excel recognizes the numbers in column A as categories

Highlight the data. Click on "Insert. Charts"

enter image source here

Click the small triangle under Line. Select Line with Markers (the first graph in the second row).

You should get a graph that looks like this.

enter image source here

This is your basic line chart.

Now you can experiment with other options to improve its appearance. Here's one possibility.

enter image source here