How can I increase the solvation rate?

1 Answer
Jul 18, 2014

Thanks for your question about solvation rate.

There are three things that can be specifically done to increase the rate of solution of a solid and soluble solute in a solvent.

  1. You can increase surface area by decreasing particle size. A crushed sugar cube dissolves faster than a whole one. That is because the solvent can surround and dissolve the smaller pieces because more surface area of the solute is exposed to the solvent.

  2. You can agitate the solution. This also allows for more contact of the solvent with the solute. Stirring and shaking are two ways to agitate a solution.

  3. You can also increase the temperature of the solvent. Sugar will dissolve much faster in hot water than in cold water. Perhaps you have experienced this with tea. Hot tea will dissolve MORE sugar and dissolve it faster than with cold tea. Keep in mind there are a few solid solutes that do not follow this rule, but they are the exception.

Hope this helps and have a great day!