How can natural disasters affect tourism?

1 Answer
Feb 25, 2016


It can cause less people to come.


From living in a place in the world where everyone wants to travel (Hawaii) my whole life, I know for a fact that if a storm is on the way, which is fairly often, tourists may cancel their travels and even boycott some areas.

I know when there were a record breaking 3 storms in our waters, family members cancelled their trips here, and many things were canceled. Shipping, boat charters, stores, flights, etc. This has an impact on everyone and on tourists.

If you consider animals as part of nature, then somthing like shark attacks will make people avoid places... (Yup, Hawaii - but occasionally)

But, at the same time, it may attract tourists, if theyre able to get in. Scientists, geologists, meteorologist, or nature lovers will flock in at any time.

But, if safety is on the mind, I think it's best to stay away from any natural disasters

And so, Natural disasters affect tourism for reasons above. ANd when that happens, keep in mind there is a chain reaction with the economy and people as well.

I hope this helps...