How evolution affects our lives?

1 Answer
Mar 24, 2018

It has many effects on our lives.


There are a lot, so I won't go into too much detail on each.

  1. We've artificially bred plants and animals such as maize (corn), strawberries, broccoli, wheat, dogs, cattle, horses, etc. to suit our wants and needs. This isn't evolution by natural selection, but it's evolution nonetheless.

  2. This is fairly self-explanatory, but we're here because of evolution. Without it no life on earth would exist anything like it does today (it really wouldn't exist at all).

  3. Many of the chronic diseases we have today are actually a result of evolution. Diabetes was favorable in Scandinavia and other North Pole areas because it lowered the freezing temperature of humans (I know that sounds grotesque but that's why it's still around today). Sickle-cell anemia is around because in the tropical regions of Africa, being hybrid for sickle-cell made people more resistant to malaria.

  4. Though we've largely escaped the leash of natural selection, our species will still undergo physiological and genetic changes in response to our environment. For example, pale skin evolved as paler-skinned people could produce vitamin-D better in a lower-sunlight climate.

  5. Evolution can explain some of the most fundamental questions of biology: how we got here, why species are the way they are, how life began, etc.