How can solar energy help the economy?

1 Answer
Aug 18, 2016

It can create new jobs and lead innovations


Yes currently solar energy is not as efficient (efficiency nearly 17%) as thermal power plants (nearly 30-40%). However, it might solve energy transmission problems. When you have an energy consumer, built your solar power plant as close as possible. Of course, we should be alerted that we should not disturb natural environment (such as forests, ecologically sensitive areas when we do that). During construction, people will be employed and this employment is better compared to coal fired power plants, for instance. Because, it holds less risks, less dust, less noise, etc.

If you install more solar energy units, the cost will be cheaper (for per unit power). After installation, for maintenance and care-security purposes, some laborers will be employed.

The most important thing is it will not create harmful gases, dust, noise, etc. during its operation. People will not become sick. However, it is well documented that nonrenewable energy plants make people sick because of their emissions. They create thermal pollution.