How can we name a polygon?

1 Answer

In most cases a polygon is named based on the number of its sides (angles, vertices) and/or properties of these elements.
See below.


Triangle: a polygon with three sides (and three angles, three vertices).
Rectangle: a polygon with all right angles
Hexagon: a polygon with six sides (and six angles, six vertices)
Octagon: a polygon with eight sides (and eight angles, eight vertices)

Sometimes, a characteristic of a polygon is so important that it alone classifies the polygon.
Parallelogram - a polygon with four sides with opposite side parallel to each other;
Square - a regular polygon with four equal sides and four equal angles .
Rhombus - a polygon with four equal sides.

Sometimes, both the number of sides and some property are present in a name.
Isosceles triangle - a triangle with two sides equal to each other in length.
Regular pentagon - a five-sided polygon with all sides and all interior angles equal to each other.