How dangerous is placenta previa?

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Sep 10, 2017

Placenta previa is a pregnancy complication in which placenta overlies or is proximate to the internal opening of the mothers cervix and can cause excessive bleeding during any stage of pregnancy.


During the time of labour when the cervix starts opening, placenta which is lying at the bottom of the uterus gets detached and severe bleeding can occur. This makes it a dangerous condition for both mother and baby.

Complications of Placenta previa :

  • Bleeding
    The major complication which can occur is severe bleeding which is a life threatening danger and can lead to haemorrhage, shock or even death.

  • Pre term baby
    Due to severe bleeding an emergency C section can occur before the full term.

  • Placenta accrete
    If the placenta attaches itself too deeply in the uterine wall, then detaching it becomes a serious problem. Most of the times it leads to hysterectomy.

Other maternal complications include - malpresentation, abnormal placentation, antepartum, and post partum hemorrhage. It also increases the risk of puerperal sepsis and post partum hemorrhage because the lower segment to which the placenta is attached contracts less well post delivery.
Fetal complications also include hypoxia and death.