How did President George H W Bush's appointment of a "drug czar" change drug crime in the United States?

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Dec 13, 2017

Bush Sr.'s Drug Czar


The effects of his "war on drugs" is debated as whether is actually produced good results or not. The biggest success of this war was that cocaine usage went down by 22% for the middle class. Whether or not the Gov't was responsible for this is debated. Some say that the Gov't was responsible for this decrease in drug usage and some say that people were beginning to see the effects of these drugs and were backing off. While the Middle class was positively impacted, the poor were hit even harder. More poor people were on drugs in 1992, then there was when the war even began.

Bush's plan was based on of Ronald Reagan's plan for the war on drugs. Combined with Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" program and Reagan idea that the heart of the problem was the drug kingpins.

Bush nominated his drug czar William Bennet and even Bennet said that the War on Drugs was failing.