How do I determine the x and y intercept for the graph #6(x-1)=2(y+3)#?

1 Answer
Dec 20, 2014

We can start with simplifying this equation for the variable #y#

#6x - 6 = 2y + 6#

#6x-6-6 =2y + 6 - 6#

#6x - 12 = 2y #

#(6x)/2 - (12)/2 = (2y)/2#

#3x - 6 = y#

So the x intercept is the x value when y is equal to zero (this is where the graph intercepts the x axis) and the y intercept is the y value when x is equal to zero. Thus;

when x = 0; y= -6 and when y=0; x=2

The graph of this function is depicted below by using "Desmos Graphing Calculator" so that you can get to see both the x and y intercepts of this function properly.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

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