How do you sketch a graph with x-intercept of 1 and y-intercept of -5?

1 Answer
Feb 5, 2015

Sorry, but the questions isn't completely clear to me.
In fact, if you need to graph a line, given these two points, the graph is completely determined.

Otherwise, for any non-linear function, the two axis intercept tell you almost nothing, since far from these points the function is unpredictable.

Assuming that the function is a line, the graph is immediately obatined: the #x# intecept is #1#, so the point #(1,0)# belongs to the line. The same goes for the #y# intercept: it says us that the point #(0,-5)# belongs to the line.

But having to points, the line is determined: you simply need to connect them:
graph{y=5x-5 [-7.36, 6.685, -5.98, 1.04]}