How do I graph the equation #(x+2)^2/9+(y-3)^2/25=1# on an Nspire?

1 Answer
Apr 7, 2015

#((x+2)^2)/9+((y−3)^2)/25=1# is an equation for an ellipse, which can easily be graphed on the TI-nspire!

Step 1: Open a new Document, with the Graphing application.mygraph1
Step 2: Press Menu, Graph Entry, Equation, Ellipse (there is only one form).
myimage 2
Step 3: Enter in the correct information from your equation: the center is (-2,3), and the denominator for the x-term is #3^2#, so enter 3, and the denominator for the y-term is #5^2# so enter 5.

Step 4: Press Enter.

Step 5: If you don't like the positioning of the graph, I chose to grab the paper with the "hand" and drag the paper a little bit so I could see all of the ellipse.